Central Saint Martins
Photography Professional Practice and Academic Portfolio (PPA) Year of 2015/16

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→ Marilia Camelo
→ Charlie Gao
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6th February
Central Saint Martins
1 Granary Square,
London N1C 4AA

PPA Artist :: Charlie Gao

四国中央 Shikokuchuo

“I want to do it to protect the things I cherish.”

                                                                                        – line from Shodo Girls (film, 2010)

Shikokuchuo, 2016-17

Shikokuchuo is a coastal city located in Ehime prefecture on the smallest of Japan’s four main islands.

It is the leading producer of paper and paper products in the country, a centre of industry set in a traditional rural landscape.

Founded through the amalgamation of smaller towns, it literally means “Shikoku Central City” and was named in a time when it had hoped to become an important centre for the whole Shikoku island.

It is presently dealing with the consequences of rural depopulation and relative economic decline.

A 2010 film, Shodo Girls, has as its subject a high school performance calligraphy contest set in Shikokuchuo.

This, as in the film, prompted a focal point for the community revival of the city, as evidenced by the posters and placards still remaining at various filming locations.

Whilst the immediate effects have long since dissipated, the spirit of the film lives on.