Light Brushing Project

(I am a photographer)

One photograph taken each morning Feb 2015 – May 2019 (ongoing)

Carousel slide projection 2015-2019 Charlie Gao

Araki Nobuyoshi, Tokyo Radiation August 6-15th, 2010:

Araki was receiving radiation treatment for cancer and every morning he 

“looked at the sky
                                   from where the bombs came”.

“Other people brush their teeth, I brush my eyes,”

he said.
Green, D. and Lowry, J. (2003):

“Photographs... are not just indexical because light happened to be recorded in an instant on a piece of photosensitive film, but because, 

first and foremost,
                                   they were taken.

The very act of photography, as a kind of

performative gesture, which points to an event in the world,

as a form of designation... 

is thus itself a form of indexicality.”